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According to the report, women who underwent chemotherapy had a 1.4 times higher chance of unemployment following treatment. Many folks are forced to devote some time off whilst getting chemotherapy treatment to deal with extreme fatigue, nausea and other instant side effects of the treatment. The researchers say it’s possible this could result in long-term employment complications for a number of reasons. For instance, chemotherapy treatments can cause long-term side effects such as neuropathy or cognitive problems, causing a drop-off in work performance. More than half of the women who had lost their jobs said it had been important for them to work and 39 % said they were actively looking for work.Poison on the end of your toothbrushFluoride has come under scrutiny over the entire years – and rightly thus. Found in toothpaste, and also our water source, this industrial waste materials has been categorized as ‘the most damaging environmental pollutant of the Cool War’ by writer Christopher Bryson, who wrote The Fluoride Deception. Linked with decreased kidney and thyroid function, infertility, lowered intelligence, coronary disease, poor bones and increased tumor risk, fluoride is exceptionally harmful. Moreover, the Fluoride Action Network calls focus on the fact that ‘[j]ust one. Gram of fluoride toothpaste is enough to cause severe fluoride toxicity in [a] two-year old kid .’ Fortunately, an alternative is had by us to such toxic madness – in the surprising form of chocolate.