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Bexion is certainly developing BXQ-350 nanovesicles as a potential treatment for the proper execution of brain malignancy called glioblastoma. Bexion’s studies show efficiency in the laboratory in multiple pet tumor versions, and across an extraordinary selection of tumors in the check tube.. Bexion earns Biotech Advancement Award for new tumor treatment approach Bexion Pharmaceuticals was named the Biotech Invention Award champion at the Cincinnati USA Creativity Awards system sponsored by the Cincinnati Business Courier, the Cincinnati USA Regional CincyTech and Chamber.‘We asked ourselves just how many lives could we conserve if we just did a more satisfactory job of increasing the usage of clinical preventive solutions,’ said Thomas Farley, M.D., the study’s lead author. ‘The potential for avoidance is big,’ he said. Farley, commissioner of the brand new York City Division of Health insurance and Mental Hygiene, and colleagues created mathematical versions to predict how raising the use of preventive solutions would influence death rates. They examined nine recommended types of preventive providers, which included treatment and screening for high blood circulation pressure and cholesterol levels, use of aspirin in people at high risk for cardiovascular disease, smoking cessation applications, cancer immunizations and screenings.