Arrowroot Capital makes $4 million purchase in MedNet Solutions MedNet Solutions.

.. Arrowroot Capital makes $4 million purchase in MedNet Solutions MedNet Solutions, a global life sciences technology firm specializing in clinical study management systems, is pleased to announce that Arrowroot Capital, a growth equity firm focused on software-as-a-provider and Internet-based businesses, has produced a $4 million investment in MedNet Solutions. This funding, representing the first main outside financing in the company's history, can be instrumental in helping the ongoing development and development of both MedNet and iMedNet EDC, its flagship cloud-based eClinical technology system. IMedNet EDC provides innovative, versatile solutions which enable medical research specialists to quickly, and affordably construct their own studies easily.Accordingly, APRs usually do not provide sufficient respiratory protection in environments immediately dangerous alive or health High-efficiency particulate air conditioning filter: HEPA filter systems remove very small particles with an performance of 98-100 percent, efficiently excluding most aerosolized biological warfare agent particles. HEPA filters are integrated into a variety of protective respiratory products including PAPRs and elastomeric half-mask respirators. Medical mask: Medical masks in a medical setting up are designed to defend the sterile field of the patient from contaminants generated by the wearer. Although medical masks filter out large-size particles in the new air, they offer no respiratory safety against chemical vapors and little against most biological aerosols.