The experts warned that the work is at an early stage still.

‘Up to now, medical treatment for endometriosis is unsatisfactory highly, due to strong side-effects and a high rate of recurrence. It really is, therefore, imperative to find a new therapeutic strategy. Endostatin or various other angiogenesis inhibitors could be one of these approaches.’.. Chemical substances that inhibit the advancement of new arteries could end up being a new method of treating endometriosis Chemicals that inhibit the advancement of new arteries could prove to be a new way of treating endometriosis, according to research from The Netherlands and the united states presented today at the 20th annual conference of the European Society of Human being Reproduction and Embryology.There is absolutely no accepted biological mechanism to describe these total results; indeed, the relation could be due to chance or some other factor connected with living close to power lines. Within an accompanying editorial, Heather Dickinson from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne agrees that, if the effect is causal even, it might account for only a little proportion of cases. The increased risk closer to power lines may reflect some other element that varies geographically.’ The analysis didn’t gauge the magnetic field from either the power lines or other resources. ‘We don’t yet fully understand the aetiology of childhood leukaemia,’ she says. ‘Even so, we are actually reasonably sure that it often involves harm to DNA before birth, and an unusual pattern of contact with infections after birth.