• Pre-construction inspections: altered by expropriation and adjacent construction activities or other forces
  • Home Inspection Instructor: BCIT, Vancouver Island University
  • Housing Consultant / Training provider for Govt. of Canada
  • Government of Canada Contractor/ Consultant
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) training approved by and service listed with C.M.H.C., also approved by Health Canada
  • Healthy Homes Advocate
  • Expert witness
  • Property Inspector – Commercial and Residential
  • Aboriginal Housing Consultant
  • Curriculum Consultant for First Nations inspection training courses

Hugh Poole/ CanInspect has adopted the Investigative Procedure of Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation. CMHC offers a comprehensive Training Program, the CMHC Residential IAQ Investigation Procedure.Included in CMHC’s Program is the Residential IAQ Investigator Course – a thorough examination of the CMHC protocol; training in the use of surveys, forms and testing procedures, and a case study. (Check our CMHC Procedure section – IAQ Investigations page – for more details.)

CMHC also provides a Field Training phase in their Program, involving four problem house field tests. The trainee’s reports are critiqued by qualified reviewers, and analysis and feedback given to the trainee.

Hugh Poole of CanInspect has completed all components of the CMHC Training Program.

Participants who have successfully completed CMHC’s Training Program are issued a diploma (click to view Hugh’s) and are included in CMHC’s list of trained IAQ investigators. Information on these Investigators is available by calling CMHC at: 604-731-5733.

CanInspect holds ongoing education and expansion of expertise as a top priority – for example, training in the application of Building Code that has been completed by Hugh Poole. The direct result of this focus has been the call to perform critical services in very specialized situations, and has led to a depth of experience and expertise not normally found in the inspection and investigation fields. An example of this is the Disaster Relief (flood damage) Consulting Hugh Poole has done for a Federal Government Agency (CMHC), as well as Consulting & Project Management of housing for various first nations communities. When you add to this the many years of experience Hugh Poole has accumulated in property inspections and renovation consulting, the net result is that the professional IAQ Investigation services provided by CanInspect are enhanced by cross-application of the related disciplines.