A Professional Property Inspection is defined by two key factors:

KNOWLEDGE: By far the most frequently used “tool” when CanInspect conducts property inspections is information, and knowledge. All the facets of a home inspection, and the various challenges that arise, stem from the underlying principle that a building is a system. CanInspect’s emphasis on ongoing training means that all Inspection Services we offer are improved by additional expertise. Witness our Indoor Air Quality investigations, as well as Hugh Poole’s instruction of Home Inspection 4 at BCIT.

ETHICS: To benefit from a truly professional home inspection service, clients must understand that this industry has ethical issues that many members of the general public are not aware of. Accordingly, Caninspect is a member of the Independent Home Inspectors of North America organization. This is an important affiliation because we take a pledge to work independently of real estate agents. In this profession and in the process of a real estate transaction there can be conflicts of interest. For more information on Property Inspection ethics, check.